Ojos de agua: a monologue inspired on Celestina touring Spain until May 2015

The well-known Spanish actress Charo López interprets Celestina in this new joint production of Ron Lalá, Galo Film, Emilia Yagüe Producciones and SEDA.

As far as I know, as I have not had the chance to see it, Ojos de agua recombines the text some of the best passages of the original Celestina to shape a monologue on time, sex, beauty and, above all, the joy of life despite life itself. In it, the go-between did not die at the hands of Pármeno and Sempronio, but retired to a nunnery after the tragic deaths of the servants and the lovers. After a time living as an enclosed nun, Celestina decides to break her vow of silence to tell the other nuns the case of Calisto and Melibea. However, her confession turns up to be an account on the life of Celestina herself.

Despite the unquestionable personality of Celestina, the script by Álvaro Tato is not a reflection on her character, but a discourse on the topics of worn-out beauty, past times, approaching death, and lost freedom. Actually, the debt of Ojos de agua with the original text of Celestina should be interpreted as just a further sign of its topicality and timelessness.

Ojos de agua is on tour since the premiere on the 6th of December of 2014, at the Real Coliseo Carlos III in El Escorial (Madrid), and until late May 2015. The coming dates and locations are:

  • Thursday, 12th of February, Ponferrada. Teatro Bergidum.
  • Saturday, 14th of February, Villa Real (Castellón).
  • Sunday, 15th of February, Catarroja (Valencia). TAC Catarroja.
  • Saturday, 21st of February, Basauri (Vizcaya). Social Antzokia.
  • Saturday, 28th of February, Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). Teatro Municipal José Mª Rodero.
  • Saturday, 14th of March, Zaragoza. Teatro Principal.
  • Sunday, 15th of March, Zaragoza. Teatro Principal.
  • Saturday, 21st of March, Getafe (Madrid). Teatro Federico Gª Lorca.
  • Friday, 24th of April, Almería.
  • Saturday, 9th of May, Leganés (Madrid). Teatro José Monleón.
  • Saturday, 23rd of May, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid).

More information is to be found at the official website of the play: http://ojosagua.blogspot.com.es


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